Opening Ceremony

Keynote Speakers- FIG Workshop, Sept 16th 2020, Deqing

1. Prof. Jiancheng Li, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice President of Wuhan University, Chairman of Surveying and Mapping Teaching Advisory Board of Ministry of Education, China

Topic: Informatizition of Surveying and Mapping in era of Big Data and AI (TBD)

2. Prof. Jun Chen, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, IEAS Academician, Former Chief Engineer of National Geomatics Center of China, Former Secretary General of ISPRS

Topic: Application of Geomatics on implementing the 2030 agenda for sustainable development (TBD)

3. Ms. Karin Barthelmes-Wehr, Chair of the International Ethics Standards Coalition, Germany

Topic: The International Ethics Standards Coalition (IES)---Creating a universal set of ethics principles for real estate and related professions

The aim of the global International Ethics Standards Coalition of real estate and related professional organizations is to assert the role of ethics in real estate to meet the needs of today’s global market. The global Coalition published the International Ethics Standards in 2015. It consists of high level principles which are being implemented by Coalition organisations providing greater consistency to users of professional services.
Why are ethical standards important in the real estate industry? Property and the built environment plays a huge role in our working and non-working lives as well as being a major contributor to local, regional and national and global economies. Therefore, professionals have a duty to uphold the highest standards throughout the world. As the property profession changes and becomes increasingly international, so must our approach to developing and reinforcing professional ethics. IES was being developed in response to mounting evidence which suggests businesses which adopt strong ethical practices receive greater levels of trust from customers, employees and other stakeholder groups. For these reasons it is essential that ethics guides the behaviour of property professionals, builds trust and improves the reputation of the global profession
What are the successful cases of organisations that have implemented IES since its launch? What are the benefits – especially to the countries along the belt and road route? How can associations who don’t have an ethics code adopt IES? Are participating organizations that have existing codes of conduct are expected to give them up in favour of IES or should they review theirs in order to align with IES? These and other questions will be covered by Karin Barthelmes-Wehr in her speech about the International Ethics Standards Coalition.
Karin Barthelmes-Wehr is Chair of the International Ethics Standards Coalition which was initiated by the United Nations in 2014. Today, the association consists of more than 130 real estate organisations from all over the world.
Karin is also Managing Director of the renowned Institute of Corporate Governance in the German Real Estate Industry (ICG) and is, amongst different other honorary appointments, member of the Advisory Committee of the Real Estate Department of the Hildesheim/Holzminden College in her home country.
She holds a Masters degree from the University of Munster (Germany) and has spent all her professional career in the real estate industry. Before joining ICG, she worked in real estate conference management for EUROFORUM and search for Heidrick & Struggles.
4. Mr. Quan Wang, Director -general of Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application Center, Ministry of Natural Resources of P.R. China

Topic: Applications and Services of China Land Satellite Remote Sensing

Mr. WANG Quan, the director-general of Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application Center, Ministry of Natural Resources of P.R. China(LASAC,MNR), who is also a research fellow and concurrently member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), has long been engaging in scientific and technical researches in the field of surveying, mapping and Earth observation. He has presided over a number of national science and technology projects and major national surveying and mapping projects, and won a second prize for National Technological Invention Award,a second prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and a first prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress on Surveying and Mapping Award, with experience in organizing and managing major scientific and technological projects
In recent years, he has been mainly engaged in the development of satellite surveying and mapping strategies and massive data management platforms, organized and formulated the "Thirteenth Five-Year” Plan for Satellite Surveying and Mapping Development"; Carried out researches on key technologies of satellite surveying and mapping application system, and established commercial operation of the ZY3 satellite application system; conquered the core technologies of massive satellite image data management, designed and established the Natural Resources Satellite Remote Sensing Cloud Service Platform, to realize the rapid sharing of natural resources satellite images and significantly improve the efficiency of image services; Realized the fusion of thermal infrared images and high-resolution images, applied remote sensing images for steel industry capacity reduction supervision services, which has gained high recognition of the State Council and provided strong support for China's industrial supply-side structural reform; Developed an instant monitoring service platform to provide monitoring services for the national land use supervision as well as the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, and upgraded services from data distribution to information extraction and then to dynamic monitoring; Took the lead in the construction of national key area innovation team for key technologies in satellite surveying and mapping, and the international joint research center for satellite mapping technology and applications.


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