Technical Sessions

Date/Time: 8:30-17:30, 17th September 2020

Venue: Zhejiang Branch Building of Wuhan University Technology Transfer Center (WUTTC)


No. Title of the paper Title Name Organization
1 Why Professions have ethics? Dr. Brian COUTTS Chair (2015-2018) of FIG Commission 1
2 Crisis in Reproducibility-Improving Trust in Spatial Information Sciences Prof. Ruizhi CHEN Wuhan University
3 Applications and Services of The Southeastern Asia Geomatics Data Sharing Platform in Yunnan Prof. Xiaohui CUI
Wuhan University
4 The Space Silk Road Ass.Prof. Craig Hancock University of Nottingham Ningbo China
5 International Education in Spatial Information Science-Perspectives from a Long Experience Prof. Kainz WOLFGANG Wuhan University
6 International cooperative research on disaster management and ecological civilization mapping in the context of One Belt And One Road Prof. Jie Shen Nanjing Normal University
7 The state of GIS Education and Training in the Belt and Road Countries Mr. Prosper WASHAYA Deqing iSpatial Co., Ltd
8 Application of meteorological satellite in the Belt and Road meteorological environment monitoring and evaluation Ms. Fangfang ZHONG Jiangxi University of Science and Technology
9 Teaching spatial thinking and basics of mapping for pre-school children with the use of multimedia tools Prof. Timo BALZ Wuhan University
10 Research on quality control method of land cover classification data Ms. Wenjuan MAO National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products
11 Key technology research on long-distance pipeline surveying and mapping with UAV technology in Cambodia Mr. Gaobo HE China Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Group Co. Ltd
12 Automatic extraction and analysis of power line corridor scene based on UAV LiDAR Dr. Junxiang TAN Chengdu University of Technology
13 Research on UWB High Precision Indoor Positioning Method with Heterogeneous Information Constraints Dr. Fei LIU Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
14 Feature hierarchical selection and sample transfer learning methods for identifying coastal wetlands change using high resolution SAR and optical images Dr. Ruijuan WU Neijiang Normal University
15 Hyperspectral Ocean Oil Spill Extraction Based on Superpixel Deep Belief Network Ms. Linlin LI China Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Group Co. Ltd
16 Research on building construction monitoring based on UAV oblique photogrammetry Ling ZHU Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
17 Research on the Coding Standard System of Spatio-temporal Electric Power Information based on Beidou Grid Code Dr. Tengteng QU Peking University
18 A method of staking out for dams using GNSS Mr. Guohui ZHANG School of Geomatics,Liaoning Technical University


Each presentation will be limited to 20 minutes. Please find the update agenda when you will be on site.


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