Introduction to Sponsors and Support Units

Zhejiang Hi-Target Spatial Information Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Hi-Target Spatial Information Technology Co., Ltd, established on August 28, 2014, is a subsidiary of Hi-Target, located in Zhejiang Geographic Information Industrial Park. We are a member of the new smart city construction enterprise alliance We hold three subsidiaries of Zhejiang Smart Visual Company, Sichuan Smart Visual Company and Meizhou Hi-Target Company. We have surveying and mapping qualification certificate, real estate survey registration certificate, and obtained CMMI5 software capability maturity certification, quality management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, environmental management system certification, information technology service management system certification, information security management system certification, AAA enterprise credit rating certification. We are a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center, a provincial-level scientific and technological enterprise, and a contract abiding and trustworthy publicity enterprise in Zhejiang Province. From 2017 to 2019, we all won the provincial and ministerial level or above science and technology progress awards, including three first prizes and three second prizes. We have participated in a number of national, provincial and municipal key R & D projects, and formulated two national standards for geographic information industry. We are one of the top 100 excellent and powerful enterprises in Huzhou service industry and a "Gazelle" enterprise in Huzhou City.

We take the integrated application of visual spatial information as the core, and provides all elements of solid 3D spatial information products and technical services. At present, We have formed the overall solutions in many fields, such as real scene 3D platform, single modeling of oblique photography, smart pipe network, smart campus, smart station and so on.

Huzhou International Chamber of Commerce

Established in 1992,Huzhou International Chamber of Commerce is a local and united non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises, institutions, social organizations and other organizations established in accordance with the law and engaged in international trade, investment cooperation and related business in Huzhou.

Up till now, Huzhou International Chamber of Commerce has maintained close ties with embassies and consulates of 48 countries in China and established friendly and cooperative relations with 38 overseas business associations as an open and hub type of chamber of commerce. Huzhou International Chamber of Commerce has built an international service network for the multi/ bilateral economic and trade relations promotion and open economy of Huzhou through various forms of exchanges and cooperation and strengthened services for enterprises in Huzhou.

Aimed to promote trade, investment and economic and technological collaboration and exchanging activities between Huzhou and other countries in the world, Huzhou International Chamber of Commerce provides international and professional services for enterprises, which includes international exchanges, international trade promotion, investment promotion, international commercial law, industry cooperation, business training, etc., to promote the open economic development of Huzhou in the process of "Going global" and "Bringing in".

Overseas talents base of Huzhou Moganshan High-tech Industry Development Zone, China Association for Science and Technology

Overseas talents base of Huzhou Moganshan High-tech Industry Development Zone, China Association for Science and Technology was approved the steering group of Overseas Talents Plan of China Association for Science and Technology and established in December 2017, which is the first Overseas talents base in Huzhou city, the seventh one in Zhejiang province and also the first one in a county throughout the country. The base is a green channel to provide service for overseas Chinese talents who are going to be back China and contribute their intelligence and ability to the innovative development of local economy and society. Overseas Talents Plan was initiated by China Association for Science and Technology and 35 overseas organizations for science and technology, in order to implement the strategy of invigorating science, education and developing through human resources, which is an important action to attract overseas talents to work for China.

International Cartographic Association, Commission On Cartography in Early Warning and Crises Management

International Cartographic Association, Commission On Cartography in Early Warning and Crises Management(ICA CEW&CM), whose predecessor was the EW and CM working group established in La Coruna at the 13th ICA Conference. It was approved as an important commission of the ICA in Moscow, Russia in 2007. The commission’s former chairman was Prof. Milan Konecny, the former chairman of ICA. The current chairman is Prof. Jiping Liu, the associate dean of the Chinese Academy of Surveying & Mapping. The commission currently has more than 200 representatives from nearly 30 countries, which aims to promote the research of early warning and crisis management (EW&CM) cartography, encourages and coordinates the research work in EW&CM among countries. Commission also focuses on popularizing the knowledge of EW&CM cartography and promoting the development of the education in EW&CM. In addition, ICA CEW & CM intends to organize international academic seminars, lectures, train and technical exhibitions of EW&CM cartography, and participate in meetings and activities of other international academic organizations related to EW&CM.

Association of Science & Technology Professionals, Deqing Geospatial Information Town

Association of Science & Technology Professionals of Deqing Geospatial Information Town is a local, academic, non-profit association voluntarily formed by individuals who are engaged in geospatial information and related industries. The association provides the service for the construction of Deqing geospatial information Town, the science popularization of Deqing County and the related fields of Deqing County with skills and knowledge of its members. At present, the association owns more than 300 members, which has become one of the most important science and technology workers associations in Deqing County.

Deqing Overseas-educated personnel Association

Founded in July 2016, Deqing Overseas-educated personnel Association is a bridge and link for Deqing County to contact overseas students, as well as a staff member and assistant to provide service for overseas students. Since its establishment, it has made full use of its own characteristics of mass and high knowledge, as well as the advantages of talent gathering, intelligence intensive, extensive contact, etc., and has gathered a strong development force for the reform and development of the county. There are around 500 overseas students in Deqing and more than 240 returned students. In terms of global distribution, Europe and America are in the majority, followed by Asia, Oceania and regions of Hong Kong and Macao. Among them, doctoral degree and above accounts for about 6%, master's degree accounts for 40%, and undergraduate degree accounts for 42.6%, which is an important force to promote the internationalization of Deqing. Most of the volunteers in this FIG workshop were sent by the association.

Zhejiang Branch of Wuhan University Technology Transfer Center

Zhejiang branch of Wuhan University Technology Transfer Center (Registered as Deqing County Wuhan University Technology Transfer Center) was established in September 2013. It is a technology transfer institution jointly constructed by Wuhan University, the former Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping and geographic information, and the Administration of Huzhou Moganshan High-tech Industry Development Zone. The branch combines the demand of Zhejiang geospatial information industrial park with the advantages of Wuhan University such as remote sensing technology (RS), geographic information system (GIS), global satellite navigation system (GNSS), etc., and proposes to create 3S + specialized technology transfer institution and to build an innovative and professional public technology incubation service platform through the interdisciplinary integration and integration of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies with "3S" technology, so as to promote the development of local economy.

Wuhan University Technology Transfer Center is a service organization for transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements established by Wuhan University and operated by Wuhan University Asset Management and Investment Management Co., Ltd., and is a national technology transfer demonstration institution approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The function of the center is to integrate science and technology resources of Wuhan University, promote the transfer, transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements formed by national public financial investment, promote the development and transfer of common technologies oriented to regions and industries, and form a science and technology service platform as public technology integration and technology transfer service.

Zhejiang Zhongzhi Huiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Zhongzhi Huiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongzhi Huiyun") registered in Deqing geospatial information town, is an integrated and innovative company with the purpose of serving the surveying, mapping and Geoinformation industry. "Common wisdom draws cloud" means "common wisdom draws blueprint, and earth believes out of cloud and Xiu". It aims to "gather the wisdom of all people, create a new state of local trust", continuously integrate new ideas, explore new models, and develop new technologies.With gathering the wisdom of all people and creating a new ecology of geospatial information industry, Zhongzhi Huiyun will continuously integrate new ideas, explore new models and develop new technologies.

As the operation unit of Zhejiang Provincial Geospatial Information Industry Innovation Service Complex, the company has innovatively established "one institute and five centers" around geospatial data collection, processing, management and applications, namely Geospatial Information Industry Technology Research Institute, Geospatial Information Data Collection Hardware Sharing Center, Geospatial Information Data Processing Computing Power Sharing Center, and Geospatial Information Talent Service Center, Geospatial Information Product Testing Service Center, Geospatial Information Incubation Center. At present, the main four business directions of Zhongzhi Huiyun are equipment leasing, computing power sharing, technical services and talent services. It provides services for the surveying, mapping and geospatial information industry in an all-round way, minimizes the operating costs of enterprises, improves the project operation efficiency, and continuously promotes the optimization of the industrial ecological environment.

Deqing iSpatial Co., Ltd

Beijing iSpatial Co., Ltd was founded in December 2010. It’s core business is Intelligent Applications based on Geospatial Technologies and Big Data, which is to establish 3D spatial information space with the extended human senses such as Laser point cloud (touching), CCD image(sighting), Sonar(hearing) and provide 3D geospatial information solutions and applications integrated with advanced geospatial and/or geotechnical sensors , GNSS and indoor positioning technologies, IoT, GIS as well as VR & AR technologies. Nowadays, the company has more than ten subsidiaries spread over China mainland. Each subsidiary is rooted in its own segmented field of technology and applications based on geospatial information technologies. The application markets involved include rail transit, digital preservation of cultural relics , film making, intelligent tourism, digital factories and towns, disaster warning, ship building, marine monitoring, drones, and satellite remote sensing applications. The company is one of FIG Corporate members.

Deqing iSpatial Co., Ltd is a holding subsidiary of Beijing iSpatial Co., Ltd. It was established in December 2014 and is located in Deqing Geospatial Information Town, Huzhou, Zhejiang. Deqing iSpatial's core business is satellite remote sensing, indoor and outdoor positioning and GIS development. In addition, the company is responsible for operating the Deqing node of the Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources China and investing in the operation of the Zhejiang Branch of Wuhan University Technology Transfer Center.

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